in Aia a zilei

Inventii la foc prea mic

Despre inventii curajoase (disruptive innovation) versus inventii “caldicele” (incremental innovation)

Part 1

“The demise of Sony, and the structural problems of Japanese firms — which include insular management, inflexible labor, overly large conglomerate structures in which various divisions don’t talk to each other, and a focus on incremental innovation at the expense of big, disruptive ideas — have been well-documented in recent years.”

Part 2

“Established companies in an industry are naturally resistant to disruptive innovation, which threatens their existing capabilities and cannibalises their existing products. A collection of all the businesses which might be transformed by disruptive innovation might at first sight appear to be a means of assembling the capabilities needed to manage change. In practice, it is a means of gathering together everyone who has an incentive to resist change. […]

Economic growth is held back by industries where established interests are so powerful that disruptive innovation can be staved off for ever.”

Rana Foroohar“Investors Are Betting That Japan Is at a Tipping Point” – Time – 16.05.2013 (Part 1)
John Kay – Why Sony did not invent the iPod – Financial Times – Financial Times – 04.09.2012 – (Part 2)

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