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One is never too nuts

“I pulled this gas tank from an old Chevy. I wanted to blow it up, so I did. What I didn’t think about was all the little bits of metal that were going to fly out in every direction. I almost killed myself. I woke up in this hospital and this doctor was like,
“Son…” and I said
“Don’t call me son, you fucking cunt.”
And he was like, “You blew off your nut.”


I just lost my nut, like that. I went fucking crazy. I assaulted a nurse or a doctor, I don’t really remember. I got arrested. I went to juvee. All I could think about was my fucking nut, man. I’m missing a nut. What am I going to do? I had to go looking for it, right? So I busted out of juvee and I went searching. I couldn’t find my nut.


Well, there was this one night I was sitting there and I was taking a shit and I was looking at my balls and I was staring at this little piece of flabby sack where my left nut used to be. And then I saw my right nut for the first time. I was like FUCK MAN, MY NUT! Look I have one, I still have a nut. Right? It’s a good nut, it works. God or the fucking devil or whoever the fuck it is you know he left me with one good nut. I still have a fucking nut and it works. And my fucking dick works too.


Okay, you lost your wife. And you lost your mom. I lost my nut.”

Spencer Susser, David Michôd, Brian Charles Frank
in scenariul pentru
“Hesher” – US 2010
Regie: Spencer Susser
Actori: Devin Brochu, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Natalie Portman

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